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2023/2024 FAQs

Twinsburg AYSO
Fall 2023 / Spring 2024 Soccer

How do I register my child to play?

Online. Through internet access to the AYSO registration process. Access our website The site contains a link to the AYSO online registration. The online process has been developed and directly supported by Sports Connect.

What’s the cost for fall?

Cost is $102.75 for the first player in the family. $100 per player thereafter. The $2.75 fee is from Sports Connect.

There is a maximum fee of $300 per family. If your family qualifies for the maximum $300 family fee. Click on the family discount box in the registration process prior to payment.

What’s the cost for spring?

Cost is $82.75 for the first player in the family. $80 per player thereafter. The $2.75 fee is from Sports Connect.

There is a maximum fee of $300 per family. If your family qualifies for the maximum $300 family fee. Click on the family discount box in the registration process prior to payment.

When is registration?

Registration for fall starts in May and runs through June.

Registration for spring starts in January and runs through mid-March.

I still have some questions regarding registration. Who should I contact?

Email us at [email protected]. Or call 330.405.0678. Leave a message. We’ll call you back.


Who can play?

Basically anyone. The child must be born on or before July 31, 2019. The child will then be 4 by the start of the season – August 1. AYSO insurance requires the child to be at least 4 to be covered.

Do you have to be a resident of Twinsburg or in the Twinsburg school system to be eligible to play?

No. Anyone from any city can play. Although the city of Twinsburg provides support and field maintenance, the program is run completely by volunteers not employed by the city. The registration fee is the same regardless of where you live.

How do I know in which division my child will play?

Division age Eligible birth dates

u5 4 8.01.2018 thru 7.31.2019

u6 5 8.01.2017 thru 7.31.2018

u7 6 8.01.2016 thru 7.31.2017

u8 7 8.01.2015 thru 7.31.2016

u10 8–9 8.01.2013 thru 7.31.2015

u12 10-11 8.01.2011 thru 7.31.2013

u14 12-13 8.01.2009 thru 7.31.2011

HS 14-17 8.01.2006 thru 7.31.2009 – freshmen thru seniors

My child seems to like soccer but is physically challenged. Can they play in the league?

Yes. AYSO nationally (and ourselves locally) have a VIP (Very Important Person) program for individuals challenged physically or mentally. The program is designed to help players who would not be able to successfully participate on a mainstream team. VIP players are assigned “buddies” from mainstream teams who would provide prompts and guidance on the field. For more information contact [email protected].


What protocols will you be following relative to COVID-19.

Our protocols will adhere to state guidelines.

There’s been a lot of press about concussions. How is AYSO handling this?

Every coach and referee must go through a training session every three years to familiarize themselves with the symptoms and hazards of concussions. Additionally, each parent and player must sign-off on the concussion awareness form as part of registration.

What if my child gets injured during the game or practice?

After the injury has been treated, contact Patty Mold at [email protected]. Patty is our Child Protection Advocate. She’ll let you know what insurance forms need to be completed and processes followed.

What is the policy regarding thunderstorms?

We NEVER play when there is lightning in the area. The game is almost always cancelled as waiting 30 minutes to resume playing would completely throw off the day’s schedule. The only exception to cancellation would be if the game was the last of the day. Cancelled games are not rescheduled. The rule is if thunder is heard, the game (almost always) is canceled.

Volunteers / Coaching

I’d like to help, but don’t really want to spend all my time doing soccer stuff. What can I do to help?

Step 4 of the online registration process allows you to volunteer for coach, assistant coach or a variety of other positions.

We’re always looking for more people to help out. You don’t have to be fanatical about soccer to help; just be willing to lend a hand. Whatever you can do to help would be appreciated.

Here are some areas in which we need help.

· Pre game field setup (put the goals on the fields, place the corner flags)

· Assist the Equipment Manager

· Awards distribution / supplies / logistics

· Tournament help

· Photo day “crowd” control

If interested, complete the volunteer form, call the hotline 330.405.0678 or email [email protected].

I want to be a coach. How do I sign up?

Step 4 of the online registration process allows you to volunteer for coach, assistant coach or a variety of other positions. If you have any questions about the volunteer tasks, email us at [email protected].

But I never coached soccer before. I don’t know the rules.

Soccer is a pretty simple game. The rules are relatively minimal. Offsides is the most challenging to learn and that is only applied to u12 and higher divisions. Besides, even offsides pales in comparison to the complexity of explaining baseball’s infield fly rule.

If I coach, I’m still concerned that I would be starting from ground zero relative to coaching.

Chad Cummings (coach administrator) and Jamesen Parker (assistant coach administrator) have put together training materials and practice plans for new and veteran coaches.

Is the training just all “book” stuff?

No. Our Coach Administrator will conduct an outdoors training session too. It’s a few weeks before the season and lasts about three hours. It is not mandatory, but it is recommended. We’ve had great feedback on it.

Can my son or daughter be my assistant coach?
Yes, as long as your child is at least 12 years old as of July 31, 2023. The one caveat is there always has to be an adult present at practices and games. Thus, your child can assist in whatever manner you wish, except for being the lone coach for the team.


When will we be notified about what team our child is on?


You should hear from your child’s coach by the first or second week of August. If you haven’t heard from a coach by Aug 1st , you can email us at [email protected] or call 330.405.0678. Leave a message with your child’s name and age. We’ll get back to you with the connections for the coach.


You should hear from your child’s coach by the first or second week of April. If you haven’t heard from a coach by early April, you can email us at [email protected] or call us at 330.405.0678. Leave a message with your child’s name and age. We’ll get back to you with the connections for the coach.

What if I decide to pull my child from the program?

You may pull your child from the program at anytime if you wish. Once the uniform has been ordered or the player has practiced, only a partial refund will be given. After the start of the season, partial refunds will be given only for unusual circumstances.

When must the league be notified our child is not playing?

Earlier is better than later, but barring unusual circumstances, we must be notified prior to the start of the season. Notify us thru email at [email protected]. In addition to enabling us to process a refund, advising of your child not playing enables us to let someone on the waiting list play.

What if my child plays both AYSO and another soccer program?

If it’s ok with you, it’s fine with us. AYSO games are on Saturdays with a few on Friday nights.

However, state school rules prohibit a child from playing in a recreational league and on a school team. This only affects the older players.

Can I request for my child to be on the same team as one of her friends?

Yes, in step 2 (question 6) you can request specific teammates. However, we can’t promise the request will always be honored. We try to keep friends together whenever possible, but the overriding factor is keeping the teams balanced. If one team has a bunch of friends that want to play together and they all are above average players, there’s a strong likelihood that some of the requests won’t be honored.

My 5 year old is quite athletic. Can she play “up” in the u7 division?

No. We don’t honor any requests to have 4 or 5 year olds playing in the u7 division.

Will the divisions be single gender?

If we have the numbers, yes. As a general rule, u5 thru u10 is single gender. U12, u14 and the high school division have been coed. However, if we don’t have the numbers, any division could be coed.

Why not have single age divisions all the way through?

We would if we had the numbers, but we don’t. We generally have single gender divisions for u5, 6, 7, u8, and u10.


When is practice and how often is it?


The coach sets practice days and times – usually what fits best into his / her work schedule.

Practices generally start the first week of August with a few teams starting practice the second week of August. Almost all teams only practice once per week. Some teams may conduct an additional practice on a Saturday before the season starts.


The first weekend of the season is a practice followed by seven weeks of games. There is practice one day per week during the week.

Where will the practices be held?

Fall / Spring

You will be notified of the exact location (within the Twinsburg area) and time by the coach.

No team can practice on the varsity field at Chamberlin or the Chamberlin practice field (behind the stadium).

My child has other commitments on Tuesdays. Can we request that she be placed on a team that doesn’t practice on Tuesdays?

No. The practice day is determined by the coach; what day works best for him or her. The only way to absolutely guarantee there’s no conflict with other activities is to volunteer to coach. Then you get to choose the practice date.

Can I know when the team practices before I register my child?

No. Practice days and times are determined by the coach generally at the coaches’ meeting. The league doesn’t assign the practice times, the coach does.

If the practice time doesn’t fit my child’s schedule, can he be transferred to a team with a compatible practice schedule?

No. That would be a very slippery slope. Once we start transferring players because of schedule conflicts, pandora’s box would be open.


How long is the season?


The season officially starts in early August and goes through mid-October. The season is nine weeks long.


The season is seven weeks long, starting in March and runs through much of May.

Are games on Sundays?

Fall / Spring


When time should we show up for the games?

Your coach will inform you, but generally show up 15-20 minutes before a game. All games need to start on time. If your game starts late, it will be shortened to keep the league on schedule.

What if it rains (or snows)? How do we know if the games are still being played?

In the event of bad weather, please show up for your game. The decision to play will be decided by the referee or league officials once you get there. If the games are cancelled early, we will contact the coaches. In the absence of a call, the games are on.

Is a phone call the only way we would be notified of cancellations?

No. We will also get the message out via our website, our Facebook page, and our Twitter account.

Where and when can I get the game schedule?


Schedules are generally provided about one to two weeks prior to the start of the season.

When watching the games does it matter where I sit?

Yes. Parents and other fans are to sit on the side opposite the players. Only the coaches and players are to be on “their” side of the field.

Also, we ask you do not sit in the area behind or near the goals. If the ref asks you to move, please do so.

Why is there a line outside of the sidelines?

We ask that you sit behind this line. The space between the field line and the “fan” line provides space for throw ins and pursuit of the ball.

Are there tournaments?

Yes. We conduct tournaments for the u10, u12, u14 and High School divisions in the fall season.

Where are the tournaments held?

Tournament games are played on the same field on which our regular games are played, i.e. Glenmeadow and Liberty fields.

Older teams - U14 / HS

My son intends to try out for the school team. Can he still play in AYSO?

No. If he makes the school team, he cannot play in AYSO or for any other team. This is a state rule. However, if he doesn’t make the team, he can definitely play in AYSO. Because school tryouts are not held until August, we recommend registering your son or daughter in AYSO. If he makes the team, we’ll refund the money. If he doesn’t make the team, he’ll be registered with us, and uniforms will have been ordered and a team assigned.

If my daughter makes the school team and I already registered her for AYSO, am I out the AYSO registration fee?

No. Assuming you advise us in a timely manner (within the week of knowing she made the team); we’ll give you a full refund.

Mark on the registration form that your child is trying out for the school team. This will enable us to place the potential school players on different teams so no one team is decimated if the players all make the school team.

Why can’t the high school division be split into multiple divisions?

So far, we’ve not had the numbers that would allow us to do this.

How many teams are there usually in the high school division?

Usually, we’ve been able to field four teams playing 11 vs 11. However, last year we had three teams.

Is it mostly boys playing in the high school division?

The split has been running about 60/40 boys to girls.


What size soccer ball should I get for my child?

U6 and u8 teams use a size 3 ball. U10 and u12 use a size 4 ball. U14 and HS use a size 5 ball.

Do I have to get soccer shoes for my child to play?

Soccer shoes are not mandatory. If you do buy soccer shoes, they cannot have a toe cleat. (Baseball shoes have a toe cleat.) Generally speaking, as the players get older, the probability is higher that their teammates will have soccer shoes.

Why no shoes with toe cleats?

Because of possible injury. The toe cleat can either get caught in the turf causing an injury or it could injure another player. In baseball or football, the toe cleat serves the purpose of getting a better start whether from the base or the line of scrimmage.

What must they have to play?

All players must wear shin guards to play or practice. Any extra article of clothing must be worn under the uniform.

Is it ok to wear earrings for the game?

No. Jewelry of any kind (necklaces, watches, bracelets, earrings) cannot be worn during practice or games. If your child wants to get their ears pierced and you’re concerned about the piercing closing up during the game, we suggest postponing the ear piercing until after the season.

But, why?

Playing while wearing earrings exposes the player to the risk of injury. The earring shaft can either be caught on another player’s uniform and tear from the ear or can be driven into the neck upon impact. Is it likely? No. Neither is it likely that someone will get hit by lightning, but it unfortunately happens every year somewhere.

My daughter just had her ears pierced. Can she play if I cover them up with band aids?

No. We even double checked with our National office on this one. The rationale is that as long as the earrings are in, there’s the chance that they could get caught on something and cause a significant injury.

Must the players wear eyeglass straps?

No. We think it’s a good idea, but it is not mandatory.

What about mouth guards? Are they needed?

No. They are not mandatory but are a good idea.

Can the players wear clips or other things in their hair?

As a general rule, no. Refs usually allow a soft, cloth hair band. Anything else, including hair beads, is not permitted. The judgment of the ref is always final.

Any restrictions on socks?

Yes. They should be the team’s sock color. Socks are provided as part of the uniform. Also, the socks must cover the shinguard. Being of the same color as the uniform makes it much easier for the ref to determine who kicked the ball out of play. Covering the shinguard with the sock eliminates the possibility of the otherwise exposed shinguard from catching on another player.


My child would like to be a ref? How do we go about this?


The age requirement is 12 years old as of August 1st. Email our website ([email protected]) or mail in a volunteer form found on our website. The training is usually scheduled for the first two Saturdays in August. Refs need only attend one session.


When is the training?


Training is scheduled to be at Liberty fields usually on the last Saturday of July and the second Saturday of August. (Twinsday weekend is in between those dates.)


Ref training is about two weeks prior to the start of the season. There will be emails about this.

Are there any other requirements besides the training?

Yes. All volunteers (coaches, referees, and others) must take the Safe Haven and Concussion Awareness training. Both courses are available off our website.

Does the online training need to be taken every year?

No. The Safe Haven training only needs to be taken once –ever. The Concussion Awareness training needs to be taken every three years. It’s a state rule.

How much do the refs get paid?

Refs are paid per the following schedule.

U5 / U6 - $7.50 per game

U7 / U8 - $10

U10 - $12

U12 - $15

U14 - $20

HS - $25


When will we get the uniforms?

The uniforms are expected to arrive at least one week prior to the start of the season. The coach will distribute them.

Can I order different size shirt and shorts?

No. We found it considerably more difficult to administer when the uniform sizes are mixed and matched. You’ll need to decide what size fits best overall.

What do we get with the uniform?

Your child is supplied with a full uniform consisting of shirt, shorts, and socks. These are yours to keep even after the season ends.

What if my child’s uniform doesn’t fit?

If your uniform doesn’t fit, please try and trade it with someone else on your team. If that doesn’t work, contact Carol Harney (330.425.2799) for a new uniform. There is a $25 fee for new uniforms.

What else can I do particularly for my child’s team?

Your coach is a volunteer so anything you can do to help him/her will be appreciated. Volunteering can be done in a variety of ways; no matter how small or large, just ask your child’s coach what you can do to help. Remember you are also helping your child.

Will there be photos and if so when?


TBD – usually around the second week of September


No. We don’t do photos for spring.

League Officials

Brett HarneyRegional Commissioner 330.425.2799
Tim AdamsReferee Administrator 330.425.4614
John BeckTreasurer 330.963.1061
Chad CummingsCoach Administrator330.618.9519
James BoazzoAsst. Coach Administrator614.579.4453
Gary FiedtkouEquipment Manager330.998.1956
Carol HarneyUniform Coordinator330.425.2799
Joe KoudelkaRegistrar216.978.1844
Jen Koudelka-DietzGraphic Designer216.544.1177
Jon MayWebmaster330.405.6663
Patty MoldChild Volunteer Protection Advocate330.487.1063

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