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Concussion related documents are available on the Important Documents page.

Concussions in youth sports have become an important concern and AYSO takes this issue very seriously. A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury that changes the way the brain normally works. A concussion is caused by bump, blow or jolt to the head or body that causes the head and brain to move rapidly back and forth.

AYSO requires that all parents sign and return the Parent/Athlete Concussion information sheet at the beginning of each season. This sheet is designed to provide all parents with information about the signs and symptoms of concussions as well as what to do if your athlete experiences a concussion. 

A player will not be able to participate in any AYSO soccer activities, including practices and games, until this form has been signed and returned. This form is part of Twinsburg AYSO’s registration materials and should be returned when you register your athlete for Twinsburg AYSO.


Signs and symptoms of concussion can show up right after the injury or may not appear or be noticed until days or weeks after the injury. If an athlete reports one or more symptoms of concussion listed below after a bump, blow, or jolt to the head or body, she or he should be kept out of play the day of the injury and until a health care professional, experienced in evaluating for concussion, says she or he is symptom-free and it’s OK to return to play. 


Appears dazed or stunned
Is confused about assignment or position
Forgets an instruction
Is unsure of game, score, or opponent
Moves clumsily
Answers questions slowly
Loses consciousness (even briefly)
Shows mood, behavior, or personality changes
Can’t recall events prior to hit or fall
Can’t recall events after hit or fall


Headache or "pressure” in head
Nausea or vomiting
Balance problems or dizziness
Double or blurry vision
Sensitivity to light
Sensitivity to noise
Feeling sluggish, hazy, foggy, or groggy
Concentration or memory problems
Just not "feeling right” or "feeling down”


In rare cases, a dangerous blood clot may form on the brain in a person with a concussion and crowd the brain against the skull. An athlete should receive immediate medical attention if after a bump, blow or jolt to the head or body s/he exhibits any of the following danger signs: 

• One pupil larger than the other
• Is drowsy or cannot be awakened
• A headache that not only does not diminish, but gets worse
• Weakness, numbness, or decreased coordination
• Repeated vomiting or nausea
• Slurred speech
• Convulsions or seizures
• Cannot recognize people or places
• Becomes increasingly confused, restless, or agitated
• Has unusual behavior
• Loses consciousness (even a brief loss of consciousness should be taken seriously)

Ohio's "Return to Play" Concussion Law

Additionally, the state of Ohio recently passed Bill 143, Ohio’s "Return to Play” Concussion law. 

Per ORC 3707.52 as enacted by Ohio HB 143 of the 129th General Assembly, youth sports leagues are required to hand out a concussion and head injury information sheet created by the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) to all parents.

This Ohio Youth Sports Organization Concussion Form  will be handed out by your athlete’s coach at the first practice. The Ohio Department of Health information sheet provides concussion information as well as the five-step process an athlete should go through to return to sports activities after a concussion.

Ohio Bill 143 also requires that:

Coaches and referees successfully complete a free online Concussion training program to recognize the signs and symptoms of concussions every three years.

Twinsburg AYSO coaches, volunteers and referees will be completing the CDC "Heads Up” on Concussion online training class in order to participate in any AYSO soccer activities. Parents are welcome to take or view this course here.

If a coach or referee believes an athlete is exhibiting the signs, symptoms or behaviors of having sustained a concussion, they must remove that player from practice or competition.

The player is not allowed to return to play the same day that he/she is removed.

In Twinsburg AYSO, this decision may be made by a coach, volunteer and referee without parental approval. The decision is final and there is no appeal. Ultimately, the athlete’s safety and health must be the most important factor. Only a licensed medical professional can make the determination as to whether an athlete has suffered a concussion. When in doubt, sit them out!

After being removed from play due to concussion signs, symptoms, or behaviors, a player is only allowed to return to practice, games, or participate in any way after the player has been assessed and cleared for return by a physician or by any other licensed heath care provider authorized by the youth sports organization. Written permission of clearance is required. 

If an athlete is removed from play due to concussion signs, symptoms, or behaviors, a physician or health care provider who is licensed by the State of Ohio must evaluate them. Twinsburg AYSO will only accept written permission of clearance to return to play from a doctor or health care provider who currently holds a valid medical license with the State of Ohio. There are no exceptions to this rule.

As a parent, if your athlete sustains a concussion or is removed from play because they are exhibiting concussion signs, symptoms, or behaviors:
Contact the Twinsburg AYSO Safety Director as soon as possible. The current Twinsburg AYSO Safety Director is Patty Mold and she can be reached at 330-487-1063 or [email protected]. The league needs to know any time there is a removal from play due to a possible concussion. All registered AYSO players have Soccer Accident Insurance (SAI) that may assist with medical costs.
You will be asked to help complete the AYSO Incident Report Form with details and information about the incident. Your athlete's coach will be notified.
In order for this player to return to soccer activities, the parent/guardian and their health care provider must complete the AYSO Participation Release Form and return it to the Twinsburg AYSO Safety Director. The Twinsburg Safety Director will notify your athlete’s coach that your athlete may return to soccer activities.

We take every athlete’s safety very seriously. Concussions can be difficult to diagnose and can only be properly evaluated by a medical professional. We can all help athletes stay active and healthy by knowing the facts about concussion and when it is safe for athletes to return to play. 

*Signs and Symptoms of Concussion and Concussion Danger Signs from AYSO - CDC Parent/Athlete Concussion Information Sheet
Twinsburg AYSO
Revised: 7/7/13 

Concussion related documents are available on the Important Documents page.

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