Indoor 2015 Season
Information about the Indoor 2015 season:
Session 1 Team Rosters & Session 1 Schedule Available Below.
U08 Coed - Rosters available here.
U10 Coed - Rosters available here.
U12 Coed - Rosters available here.
  *Please note that rosters are subject to change.
01/10 - Practice Weekend schedule available here.
01/17 - First weekend of games. Full season schedule available here.
This year's indoor season will be broken down into two sessions.

- Session I will take place Jan 10 thru Feb 21 and will be for U8, U10, and U12 players.

- Session II will take place Feb 28th thru April 11 and will be for U5, U6, U7, U14, High School, and VIP players.
All games are played on Saturday's at Pinnacle Sports in Twinsburg.

Information about Fall 2014 season:

The Fall 2014 season is complete. We hope that everyone had fun this season and we hope to see you playing during the Indoor 2015 season. Registration information is above.

 Recent News 
05/01/13 AYSO VIP Program Kicks Into Sixth Year
AYSO VIP Program in the news.

Welcome to AYSO Soccer Region 1026 Twinsburg

A warm welcome to all the parents and children returning to our program for another fun filled soccer season and a very warm welcome to those of you who are joining us for the first time.

For some this will be their first experience with AYSO Soccer. For others it is a continuation of what is now becoming a year round sports activity for our children. We
hope you will thoroughly enjoy the upcoming season.

As you look around, you will undoubtedly see friends and neighbors helping out in various capacities as either your child's coach, a team parent, a referee or just helping out. Why are they here? They are here because those friends and others like them form the backbone of our program and AYSO regions everywhere.  They are all part of the volunteer force that makes our organization work!

Every AYSO affiliated individual you meet will have one thing in common - all are volunteers. Board Members, coaches, referees, team coordinators - every individual, all volunteers. Most, will be parents like you and me, juggling work, car pool schedules, homework, doctor and dental appointments and the one hundred and one other demands on our most precious commodity these days -- our time.

This year the majority of our Board are seasoned veterans, having fulfilled at least one or more terms in their respective positions. I'd like to take this opportunity to say "THANK YOU" to each and every one of our Board members and to all of our many wonderful volunteers for their time and dedication. Your willingness to be involved in your children's activities has resulted in the continual
growth of our quality program. We are looking forward to another wonderful soccer season for all of the children and your involvement will go a long way to ensure that the children do indeed enjoy their soccer experience. Please do not hesitate to ask what you can do to help, however limited your time may be.

I hope that your upcoming season is filled with wonderful memories and that you will play an active role in creating these memories for your children and for the children of all the families in our program.

Yours in Soccer,

Brett Harney

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 Upcoming Games 
U10C2 - Cook vs U10C3 - Kleinman
U8C2 - Searles vs U8C3 - Boerner
U12C2 - Gerstenfeld vs U12C3 - Cola
U12C1 - Doxsey vs U12C4 - Weinroth
U8C1 - Kremer vs U8C4 - Heskamp

 Upcoming Events 
No events scheduled.