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    Fall 2015 Full Schedule

    08/27/2015, 9:30pm EDT
    By J. May

    Full Schedule for Fall 2015 Released

    The schedule for the Fall 2015 season has been released. This schedule does not include any tournament games. Those schedules will be released separately. 

    This schedule does not include Scrimmage or Week 1 games.

    Please note that schedules are subject to change at any time.

    Game Behavior: Coach, Parent and Referee Conduct

    08/27/2015, 9:30pm EDT
    By B. Heise

    Game Behavior: Coach, Parent and Referee Conduct

    1. Game Day is for the players to play the game of soccer.  Everyone else is there to watch and encourage.

    2. Please introduce yourself to the referee and provide the Line Up card before the game starts.  The refs will be nervous, so help them get the game started on time.

    3. Please remember that our referees are just kids (ages 11 to High School).  The coaches and parents are the adults, please act like one with the referees and your players.  We do not allow any confrontation between the Parents, Coaches and REFEREES.  Please do not question calls during the games, call offsides, call fouls, call direction of the throw ins   Let the refs make mistakes, we make plenty of them in our coaching careers. 

    4. As the Coach, you are responsible for the behavior of your PLAYERS, COACHES AND PARENTS.  Please head off any problems with players and parents early in the game (and early in the season).  I saw a few games last fall where the coaches and parents were screaming at every touch of the ball. Many times coaches don't know some of the parents, sibblings, uncles, aunts and grandparents who are misbehaving.  If you see a parent who is going against our code of conduct, if you don't know them, ask the other coach if that is one of their parents.  Take action immediately, both team coaches can walk across the field and talk with the parent. Do not let parents and coaches continue with bad behavior.

    5. Players behavior.  This is recreational soccer.  Players are expected to follow the rules of the game with a priority on sportsmanship.  Please coach your players in appropriate play.  Aggressive and purposeful fouls will not be tolerated and players will be issued yellow or red cards. Inappropriate Language by players, coaches and spectators will yield yellow and red cards.  Yes, parents have been escorted off the premise in the past due to inappropriate behavior and language.  Coaches, if one of your players is playing too aggressive, pull them off to the side of the field and coach them on proper play.  That being said, soccer is a contact sport and players will fall down and bump into each other.  Not all pushes and trips are fouls.  Referees will call the fouls. 

    6. Coaches, please send me an email if ANY player or coach during your game gets a Yellow Card (caution) or Red Card (ejection) from the referee.  Please provide details of the incident.

    7.  The Games are for the Players to play the Game.  Practices are for the Coaches to coach.  Referees will ref the game.  An overstatement on the obvious but rarely obvious after your typical youth sporting event.  Try to avoid over-coaching during the game.  Soccer is a game of decisions made by players on the field, not coaches on the sidelines.

    Positive Coaching:

    Overall, Twinsburg AYSO Soccer is some of the best recreational soccer played in Northeast Ohio.  We have 86 teams with about 850 players this fall.  It is the Coaches that make the difference and bring kids back season after season. Snacks and treats play a role but high fives, team names, silly team cheers and great coaching will be remembered for a long time.


    If you would like more information on the foundation of good Positive Coaching, please visit the Positive Coaching Alliance  I have attached some key coaching documents for your reference.  Great info for coaching any youth sport.  The books are excellent as well.

    Picture Day Schedule

    08/27/2015, 9:15pm EDT
    By B. Moseley

    Picture Day Schedule Released!

    The AYSO Fall Picture day will be held on Saturday, September 12th at the field behind the Twinsburg Fitness Center. In the event of inclement weather, we will move inside the Fitness Center. Please bring your completed picture form and payment with you on picture day. We will be photographing around 750 kids in about 80 different teams in a very narrow window of time. As such, it is vital that you arrive on time for your pictures. Please contact Bethany Moseley is you have any questions or would like to volunteer to help out on picture day (

    Fall 2015 U12 Tournament Schedule

    08/27/2015, 9:15pm EDT
    By J. May

    Schedule released for the Fall 2015 U12 tournament

    The schedule for the Fall 2015 U12 Tournament is below. This year's tournament includes four teams from Hudson in addition to the six AYSO teams. 

    Volunteers Needed

    08/19/2015, 2:30pm EDT
    By B. Moseley

    Volunteers Needed to Assist with Picture Day on September 12

    Twinsburg AYSO Fall 2015 Picture Day will be held on Saturday, September 12th from 7:30am until 11:30am. The schedule will be released shortly. We are in need of volunteers to help ensure that the day runs smoothly. If you would like to help, please email Bethany Moseley ( indicating the time you will be available. We would be pleased with 2 or more volunteers each hour starting at 7:30am. Thank you!

    Partial Game Schedule Released

    08/13/2015, 12:00pm EDT
    By J. May

    Schedule now available for games through Labor Day

    We are releasing an abbreviated schedule which shows games through Labor Day weekend. We will release the remainder of the schedule in the coming weeks.

    The Partial Game Schedule does not include Scrimmage Weekend games, those are available via a separate download.

    Click into this story to download both schedules.

    Please note that the schedule is subject to change at any time. Please watch for messages from your coach or Twinsburg AYSO if changes are made.

    Fall 2015 Footskills Schedule Now Available

    08/04/2015, 7:45pm EDT
    By J. May

    The schedule for Fall 2015 footskils is now available

    Footskills are crucial to the game, and Twinsburg AYSO provides footskills sessions for age groups U5 through U12. These sessions are run by professional soccer coaches and are provided at no extra cost. Please try to get your player to each of their assigned sessions.

    Click into this story to download the schedule.

    The schedule is subject to change at any time.

    Fall 2015 Rosters

    07/28/2015, 8:00pm EDT
    By J. May

    Fall 2015 Rosters

    Fall 2015 Rosters are now on the Registration tab, or click here.

    Fall 2015

    07/12/2015, 9:30pm EDT
    By J. May

    Fall 2015 Season Starts August 3

    The Fall 2015 season is approaching fast. Practices and training sessions begin the week of August 3. You should be hearing from your player's coach, and rosters should be posted the week of July 20.

    Keep checking this site for further updates.

    Fall 2015 Registration Is Now Open!

    05/10/2015, 4:15pm EDT
    By J. May

    Fall 2015 Registration Is Now Open!

    Registration for the Fall 2015 season is now open. Registration should be completed online at If you have not completed registration online for past seasons you will have to create an account.

    Once your player is entered into the eAYSO system you can pay online or mail payment to the address at the bottom.

    If you prefer to mail a registration form you can download it below and mail it to the address below. Online registration is preferred even if you wish to pay by check.


    Twinsburg AYSO
    P.O. Box 850
    Twinsburg, OH 44087

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